Monday, July 1, 2013

Keegan is Growing Up

We have had some regression on Keegan sucking her fingers. Our family vacation messed her up pretty bad and truth be told, I have been running these girls all over the city this summer which makes for tired kids that sometimes need a little comfort. So it is easier to give her permission to suck on her fingers. However, I used the dentist this past weekend and his comment that they would eventually mess up if she continued to urge her to suck them less. We will probably re tape in the next few days, but she is doing good on taking them out if we ask.

More progress has been made on potty training. We had been keeping her in diapers until after VBS because I didn't want a new teacher having to deal with her potty training, but at home she would take her diaper off and either run around bummy wild and free or she would steal her sister's panties and wear those. We have had a couple of accidents with that, but she has really been doing great and the diaper trash has diminished greatly over the past two weeks. Today Keegan wore panties all day, we had zero accidents and that includes a car trip out to a friend's house and back. I can't say I have any sort of secret. With both girls we talked to them a lot about where to go potty, that they can tell us if they want to try using the potty, and go ballistic and wild when interest and eventually success is shown. We do give Jelly Beans for early successes, but quickly phase that out. We also do a potty dance and cheer for the successful child. It has worked for us. But we have also waited until the girls were older to start trying (with the exception of a quick try when Mac was much younger).

I will take victories where I can!

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