Friday, July 12, 2013

Grimaldi's Again

I have written about Grimaldi's in The Woodlands before. It was awesome before. When we went they encouraged us to sign up for their monthly email blast and tempted us with the promise of a free pizza for our birthday. Sure enough, in his email this week, Mattie found a coupon for a large one topping pizza. The kids were stir crazy and the coupon expires soon so we went tonight. It was better than before. The pizza was crisp on the bottom and chewy on top all the way through rather than having the slightly soggy middle. The toppings were perfect, specifically the red onion that was slightly peppery and subtly sweet. The Peroni on tap was light and refreshing. The spinach salad was just ok, but we won't hold that against them because we got a salad as filler, not because we wanted it to enhance our experience. Basically, Lombardi's only beats this pizza by a small margin. And that margin is getting paper thin when you consider that Grimaldi's is a 30 Minute car drive as opposed to a 3.5 hour flight (plus everything else)! Also, it is nicely situated on The Woodlands "Water Way Square" that meant as we waited for our table, the girls ran off some energy in the park and fountain area.

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