Sunday, July 28, 2013


Remember when you were a kid and the days dragged on? Remember it being May and you just couldn't wait for the weeks to pass and then summer would be here? Remember it being September and all you could think about was how many weeks were left until Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas? As a kid you could stretch out a weekend to seem like a week or two vacation and Christmas Break was like eternity. Time meant so little as a kid.

Now I hesitate to blink for fear of missing something. July is almost over! The summer has flown by along with the rest of the year. I realize my days are full as a grown up, but even the days that aren't as busy speed along at a quicker than comfortable pace. How has that changed? Is it because you have lived less years, so the time that passes seem longer relatively? Or is it because their are responsibilities and tasks which make life pass by too quickly? I like how some days carry along, but at the same time, I'd like to catch my breath!

Looking onto tomorrow needs to stop and I need to take even more time to enjoy my moments, my minutes and hours with my kids, my husband, my family, my friends. It all feels to fleeting and before I know MacKenzie is going to be in space, Keegan is going to be making people laugh somewhere else, and Johnny is going to be overcoming hurdles for himself and his buddies. So right now, I commit to enjoy the sprinting moments even more. I don't think time is going to slow anytime soon, may as well relish what I can!

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