Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mac's Money Goals

MacKenzie covets this Cinderella dress up dress that friends of hers have. Cinderella doesn't even usually make her top five princess list, but there is something about this dress that makes her go nuts. And she doesn't even like the color blue all that much, her favorite color is green right now. One day as we were looking through the kid's toy section at Target, trying to find a birthday gift for one of the bajillion kids we know, she spotted the dress hanging from one of the toy aisle racks. Cursing silently to myself, I explained to her that we weren't there to get the dress. Now, every single time we are at Target, she tells me that, "We need to go see her dress." Then to top things off, she saw they have a Princess Sophia dress so she alternates between which one she wants. I tried to tell her that if she waited until her birthday she would get it, but I admit, October is a long way off for such a little girl. Seeing a teachable moment here, Matt and I opted for another route. We told her that if she can earn half the cost of the dress by doing chores around the house, we would go get it. We told her this on Friday and she has been relentless in asking if she could earn money over the past two days. We plunged in today and she began two chores (unloading the silverware and wiping off the stairs with a wet rag) for money to put in her ziploc baggie. She has the money stashed away in a safe place and is eagerly awaiting the chance to make more. I would love suggestions for other things that she could do. I would prefer that they be things that could be done on a regular basis and things that she could do somewhat independently. I should have the girls make up their bed, tidy their room, and pick up their toys more consistently so those aren't up for consideration. But everything else is fair game if you have any great ideas. She would like to earn that $10 sooner rather than later so I am sure she will be excited to give anything a try!

I am proud of her attitude and willingness to work for something that she wants!

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