Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Orchard

Today we were invited out to Matt Family Orchard with some friends. Figs and Blackberries are in season and it is fun to get the kids outside to run around with friends. Today apparently wasn't the best day to try all this as Mac and Keegan were on the fussy side. There weren't a ton of figs ready for picking and we heard the blackberries were even more sparse. The day was still salvageable until I realized that Keegan wasn't wearing or holding her glasses. I tore through the stroller to see if she put them in there, but to no avail. So I headed off in the direction we were walking around, combing the ground for the glasses. We searched and searched and boy do we owe Karlin big time because just as I was about ready to give up, she let out a little shriek and found them, a little dusty, but in perfect condition otherwise.

We called it a day at the orchard (without any fruit for us) and headed over to a farm that Karlin likes to get milk and eggs at. We let the kids see the goats, dogs, and cows to have a little taste of the country life. I am so glad that MacKenzie and Keegan love animals and know how to approach them. While we could work on the squealing a little bit, they both hold out their hands for the animals to sniff before moving it to love on and cuddle them.

To top off the day, I made a blanket tent/fort/cave for the girls and we had lunch under there. They had a great time playing under there and it is amazing to me how two girls that were almost ready to go head to head can be united by something as simple as a blanket tossed over the back of the couch and two chairs. Next time I think I will grab flashlights for the girls to add to their fun and make sure the markers are put way out of reach. Someone (Keegan admitted to it, but there was a suspicious looking "M") decided to channel their "Inner Neolithic Man" and made "cave drawings" on the back of our couch. Thank goodness for OxiClean.

We don't get a lot of pictures of Johnny when we are out and about because he is usually either in his bucket seat (which doesn't make for great pictures) or being worn in my Mei Tai wrap. He is a good boy who was content to just be with some of the people he loves the most. While we had lunch under the blanket tent, he sat in his bouncer looking onto the scene!

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