Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Woodlands Children Museum

Yesterday we joined our friends from our Ds Buddy Group at The Children's Museum in The Woodlands. It is not affiliated with the main Children's Museum Downtown, in case you were curious. I had been wanting to give it a try so we were happy to meet our friends out there. It is a smaller museum, but I think it is perfect for kids roughly 5 and under. Slightly older would be ok too if they had a friend or if it was less crowded where they could explore a lot. They have a lot of different sensory activities, workers everywhere helping out and cleaning up, and was set up in a Montessori fashion for a lot of independent play and learning. The membership is a good price for our family so we may get one in the next few months. I liked that they had a fish tank and parakeets at the museum too. Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying their time, Johnny slept in the Mei Tai the whole time!

Recently, Matt had the girls help him work on one of the cars, so it was amusing to me to watch the girls get out of the play truck and say "We need to check the tires" while making air compressor sounds  and moving their hands near the tires.

 The girls loved the water table and all the different animals in the table.

Of course our little readers find the only books in the museum and take time out to read! MacKenzie was delighted to find a Magic School Bus book!

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