Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keegan Joy is a Year old!!!


365 days ago we were just meeting you. By about now we had probably just decided on your name and had just fed you for the first time. You were probably getting ready for your first bath (and you needed it, your little two week early body was covered in cheese-y vernix) and Mommy was probably laying, a little shocked, but so very happy at seeing your sweet face. I think Daddy was in a little bit of shock too as the realization that he had two daughters was starting to settle in. I remember looking at your sweet face and thinking how much you looked like MacKenzie (which I don't think now at all). I was so happy you were here with us. Your labor and delivery was amazing and I was so happy to stroke your soft skin, look at your fuzzy hair, and kiss your little lips. We feel we picked a very good name for you, Keegan Joy. You are definitely a little fierce one like your first name means, you have a shriek and a temper that rises from deep within you sometimes. However, you are such a joy and you make us so happy that any of your fierceness gets outweighed by how simply happy you make us. I feel so confident as a mommy after raising you for the past year, in fact, I feel more confident overall. I was so worried about doing everything "perfect" with MacKenzie and worrying about every little thing, with you I feel like I was able to relax and simply enjoy the person you are.

You have changed incredibly over the past year, but also over the past month. You crawl like you are racing to keep up with anyone and everyone, you will get mad if you aren't being picked up when you feel you deserve it, and you are getting closer and closer to walking on your own. You will take quick steps when we are holding your hands, but will only fall forward when we try to get you to walk on your own. You love to stand more and more and will go from sitting to standing without holding anything now. You are also bobbing and bouncing to music regardless of sitting or standing, which is not only cute, but also helps with balance and stability training. You also constantly try to climb and we often see you hiking your leg up to try and climb on furniture that isn't even remotely low enough for you to get up. We found out you can climb stairs though when we were at a friends house and turned around to find you half way up their stairs. We know it won't be too long before you are walking and running to keep up with your big sister.

You are learning more signs and words. Mommy wishes we had more time to teach you, but you catch on quickly. You sign more, milk, fan, and book. You will also say Mama, Dada, Buh (book) consistently. You will pant like a puppy dog when you see one or a picture of one, but also love other animals like cats, penguins, horses, and monkeys. You love to look at books with lots of bright pictures and animals. You will also "scratch" the book to see if it has texture or not. You have been very into pushing buttons on toys that make sound and like to get into electronics (toy or not). This has led to a lot of "no" on Mommy's part. Your Grammy Kiki got you your very own stuffed puppy dog for your birthday and you are already gaga over the puppy.

You love to eat and will eat anything we give you. You eat three meals a day (whatever we eat) and drink two bottles and two nursings a day. You are still not fond of bananas, but I did catch you eating the peel the other day. You love bread, tortillas, and any kind of meat or protein. You also really like strawberries and madarin oranges. Mommy tried to give you eggs the other day, but you got a slight iratation around the mouth so you may be allergic. Mommy will stop one of your nursings (replacing with a bottle) tomorrow, but you will continue to get night time nursing for a bit longer. No need to stop yet and Mommy likes the special time with you. You are usually taking two naps a day and sleeping for 10-12 hours at night.

I love that you are developing your own sense of humor and really enjoying observing things. You will find things that we say or do funny and will scrunch up your nose and face to laugh with us. You love flashing your two bottom teeth at us and you are slowly (and painfully from your screeching) getting those top two teeth ready to flash at us too.

Keegan, we love you so much and love the little person you are becoming. We cannot imagine life without you even though it seems like such a short time we started on this journey. We look forward to another year and many more after that being honored and humbled by your presence.

All of our love,
Mommy and Daddy

P.S. Few pictures, will post more soon!