Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture post

In her big girl stroller!
See her reflection?
Some pictures from Galveston:

MacKenzie touches sand.

Dig your toes in!

It was very windy

Are we bad parents for letting her chew on paper?

Monday, May 24, 2010

7 months


Today you are seven months old. I realize I have gone from every 4 weeks to counting months, but it is easier this way and I know one day you will understand. You have grown up before our eyes this past month so there is a lot to write about. Because mommy is almost done with school she has been a little busy so you will have to wait on a few pictures from this month.

You are within days of crawling, you have all of the right movements, just not all together and in the right order. You will move your legs, but not all the way underneath you! You will move your arms, but end up rotating from side to side more than going forward. You will grunt in frustration and mommy tries to distract you as long as possible to keep you trying. You are doing a great job sitting up, it is nice to be able to sit you down to play with some of your toys (like the bongos we got you). You love to pound on to noisy toys, the table, or whatever you can reach. You also like to feel things by "scratching" them. You have been doing that to mommy and other people when they hold you, but now you scratch everything to feel it. You did take a bit of a sitting down tumble and we had our first boo-boo, but you were a little trooper and mommy stayed calm through it all. Did I already mention that you have upgraded to a big girl car seat? You are still rear facing, but you get to sit up and move around a lot more to look at things and play while we drive. You love to look in mirrors and just this afternoon cracked up when you and daddy were looking at that "other" baby in the mirror.

You have finally started stretching out time between meals a bit, but if you are bored and mommy is holding you, you figure why not and try to nurse. Most of the time mommy obliges because she enjoys that special time between us! You had peaches for the first time the other day and you seemed to like them (mommy and daddy enjoyed the leftover bites). We are having some issues with you and oatmeal though, we are not sure if it is too thick, you don't like it, or if you are allergic. The past two times we have tried giving you oatmeal you have puked all over yourself at night. You don't wake up so you are covered in it in the morning...not fun! It is a testament to what a great sleeper you are!

We went to Galveston with our church small group and had a good time. You did not like how cold the ocean water was on your feet, but you looked great in your A & M swimsuit. If nothing else, you enjoyed the breeze on your face and being outside with mommy and daddy. You are still so good natured and it is really easy for mommy and daddy to find someone to watch you if we need to go do something or if one of your regular sitters needs a day off.

You are getting more expressive and more entertaining. Grammy Kiki says that you dance for her, but we haven't seen it. We have noticed you shaking your head so we ask you questions that we want a "no" answer to...we need to get it on video. I think you have discovered that if you drop things we will pick them up for you so we need to halt that before you get any ideas! You love laughing and talking with us and we reciprocate as much as we can.

I am looking forward to this summer with you! I love you and love you being in our lives. Just yesterday daddy and I were talking that it is weird to reflect on our lives and think there were times you weren't with is so true!

Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Six years ago

Six years ago today we officially became husband and wife. It was a day as beautiful as this one. I never imagined how much we would experience together in the past six years, but I could imagine no one better to be there leading me, being beside me, and supporting me from behind in all of our endeavours. I love you Matt! Thanks for everything so far!

P.S. I know I am way behind on everything...give me time!