Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First post, one of many delicious dinners

I have created this blog out of the desperate need to share with the world some of the wonderful food that I experience! Some of this blog will be about food that has been made by myself (or family) and other parts will be about restaurants that cross our path. In my first line I commented that the blog was created out of a need to share the wonderful food experienced, but do not fret because I will also be posting some awful experiences. Hopefully the awful experiences will be at restaurants with due compensation rather than at home. 

I love food. I love the experiences of making, serving, and eating food. I love the way people feel when satisfied with food I have made for them or brought for them. I love surprising people with food made special just for them. 

I made an awesome dinner tonight. Anyone who might take a gander at this blog knows that I really enjoy making food and tonight was no exception. It basically took 30 minutes (beat that Rachel Ray) and was made of wholesome and delicious ingredients. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who enjoys hunting and fishing thus putting a dent (albeit not a large one) in our grocery bill and it provides us with fresh and delicious protein! We have been trying to increase the frequency with which we eat fish and seafood (they say it is good for you) thus I thawed 5 fillets of trout that either Matt or his father (Bob) had caught. We sauteed the fish with butter, olive oil, onions, and garlic. After the fish was cooked we added a little Chardonnay (Little Penguin- $5.95 at Kroger), some tomatoes, green olives, and feta cheese and let that reduce. Served with a side of whole grain almond and apricot couscous and steamed asparagus and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. 

There are more wonderful things to come and I hope this blog is frequented because, I assure you, there will be good, bad, and everything in between!