Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Keegan's First Dentist Appointment

Keegan had her chance at the dentist yesterday. She did well, but was way more timid than I thought she would be. They let her hold the suction straw herself and she really liked that. She was hesitant to lay back in the chair, but they warmed her up a bit do they could recline it some. She liked having her teeth polished and having water sprayed in her mouth. She also liked biting the dentist when he was counting all of her teeth. And she has sharp teeth! The only concern he has right now, besides stopping her finger sucking habit, it her frenum, the muscle/tissue that connects your lips to your gum. Hers comes down all the way between her two front teeth. It at move up on its own, but if it doesn't it would create a gap between her two front teeth. We may clip it in the future, but time will tell. She was pleased with her purple and pink toothbrush and rubber duckie from the treasure box. Good job Keegs!


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