Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We took Johnny to his ENT appointment today. Dr. Albright assured us that Johnny isn't messing with his ears because they are bothering him, but because sometimes kids like to mess with their ears. He did confirm that there was extra fluid in Johnny's left ear though which explains a lot of the discharge and wax buildup we have seen. The fluid is coming from his ear canals and not from behind his ear drum though which is great because it means he won't have too much pressure on his little ear drums. They vacuumed out the extra fluid which he did NOT like, but Mattie was with us so he got to hold him down and see his little upset face and I got a little break from the sadness!

While his ear canals are still too small today for surgery, Dr. Albright feels confident that Johnny will be big enough for surgery soon, so we scheduled for tubes to be placed and his adenoids to be taken out at the end of August. I am nervous about Johnny being put under, but I recognize that this is fairly routine. They are also going to do the surgery down at Texas Children's in the Medical Center so I feel more at ease with the amount of experience the medical staff and anesthesiologists have down there. Have I mentioned recently how happy I am we live in Houston with extensive medical facilities so close? Because I cannot be grateful enough! He said there is no extra consideration for anesthesia for kids with T21 that they don't already have plenty of experience in which made me feel a lot better about the procedure. The adenoid removal will help with his overall congestion and sleeping which makes me happy and the tubes should help clarify his hearing a bit and help protect him just in time for cold and flu season.

We will be sure to update on things to come.

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