Monday, July 29, 2013

Impromptu Zoo

I love, love, love friends who, when one plan falls through, says "Let's go to the zoo this evening instead." I won't say it was a perfect time, but I really enjoyed it. Spending time with the Faulkners is always nice. Jennifer is so good about helping out with the kids and chipping in an extra hand. And my girls adore their "sisters" and really loved running around the zoo with them. We had a couple disappointments as the splash pad was already closed, but we did get to ride the train (not with Matt though, oh well). The train ride was a lot of fun and I need to splurge on it more often...and distract the kids when the homeless guy is peeing on the tree. They didn't notice that, thank goodness. The elephant baby and the giraffes were particularly charming today and the cougars didn't threaten to eat my children. All in all, for our family, a day spent with the Faulkners is always a win!

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