Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sickness- you probably don't want to read

So this is either the strangest stomach bug that ever existed or we are getting a round of something else or Keegan and now Johnny just need to work something out of their systems. I was greeted with the stench of nasty, disgusting, dried puke all over the girls bed this am. I have never seen MacKenzie so happy to see me as when I opened the room to let them out and she could escape from the magnificent sickness that permeated the place. Keegan was chipper and happy, I would be too if I needed to get all of that out of my body. She has been happy for the entire day and has had no issues past this morning. I carefully monitored each of the kids to assess how we were doing. Mac didnt eat much but has been fine. Johnny had a bit of spit up this morning, but nothing noteworthy. When he woke up from his afternoon nap he didnt have some puke, but he also ate new food and I thought it may be that. Until I was feeding him his favorite garden vegetables and the retching started. Poor little guy. He choked down some of his bottle and was asleep before 7, the girls passed out at 7. We are praying that that is the end of it for a long time!

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