Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update on Keegan July 2013


Wow! You are certainly appropriately named! You are either 0% or 150%, hot or cold, loving or ferocious, happy or really, really, really upset! I love you so much, even if I can't figure you out sometimes!

Well, you got your first hair cut. It was not officially sanctioned by Mommy though. I was downstairs getting something and I heard Mac talking about playing "hairdresser". It didn't really register until a few minutes later and it was one of those moments that Mommies throughout time and around the world can relate to when all the sudden your mind rewinds what just happened and it hits you what your child just said. I ran upstairs saying, "Oh no. Oh no. Oh no." Thankfully, you had the good sense to run away part of the way through. She did cut a good amount of hair and I was pretty upset. Your hair grows slowly and it had just gotten to a perfect length and was looking nice and even. I comforted you as you sensed that what had just happened was a horrible injustice and told MacKenzie that if she ever did that again, to anyone, that I would chop her hair off too. She is very proud of her long, yellow hair, so hopefully that won't happen. Since neither of you will read this, if at all, until you are much older, she didn't do a horrible job. It is definitely not a good cut, but there are some way worse cuts out there. In fact, it looks like she tried to layer it a bit. I may have laughed about that a little. I love how your little hairs curl up in the back and I hate to see go away, which is why I haven't taken you in for a formal cut yet myself!

You have discovered quesadillas as one of your new favorite foods, but nothing surpasses the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich in your book. If given the choice, you will eat that every meal of every day. You do love all sorts of foods though- feta cheese, tomatoes, avocado, carrot sticks, apples, bananas, cereal, yogurt, candy, ice cream (especially pink with sprinkles), you name it and more than likely you will eat it. You have been pretty hungry lately too so it is nice to see you gobble up the food Mommy makes for you! You are just getting tall enough to try and fill a cup with water at the fridge, but will definitely fill one at the bathroom sink if you need to. You also hand us your sippy cup when you are almost done with it and say, "Open this please. I drink the rest." so you can get those last drops! You can go pretty consistently without a nap, but need one from time to time. If I don't get the chance to lay you down when you need one, you can fall asleep pretty much anywhere...

You get so excited about so many things. When you are picking something you like or clarifying some exciting news we tell you, you will grin and hold one finger in the air while repeating what we just said. Then when you hear the good news you will jump and down, clap, and say, "Yay!" It is fun to see your excitement and enthusiasm for life. You love to participate in anything that other people are doing. You will cheer, clap, sing, dance, dress up, pretend play, or whatever as long as you are part of the group. You love to laugh and giggle and even if you don't find something super funny you tend to give a pretty good courtesy laugh. The other day Mommy was tickling you and I could tell that you were "rewarding" me with an obligatory laugh, as if to say, "Thank you Mommy, I appreciate you being with me!" It is so fun to make you laugh though, either by saying something, making a funny face, dancing silly, or singing goofy songs, we spend a lot of our day trying to get you to let out your infectious little giggles!

Your favorite toy is your "Puppy Princess Purse" and your favorite colors are pink and purple. Mommy has to remember to give you the pink yogurt, plate, spoon, and sippy cup whenever they are clean (as opposed to Mac who gets as much green as possible). You like anything musical and to pretend to sing and dance. You love to climb everything and will frequently use the living room couches as jungle gyms, climbing on to them, then onto the arms or the back and rolling off onto the floor while saying, "Look at me, look at me! Whee!" You love to run around and in case I haven't written about it before, you still do what I call "The Egg Beater Run" where your legs go around in little circles as you run. You do like to read and are picking longer books to read too. You know almost all your letters and love to draw circles and lines when we color.

Keegan, you are amazing. I love having you as my daughter every day. I think we can't help but love you! You are a little pistol/firecracker/imp, but you are our all of those things and you make me so stinking happy! My heart swells just thinking about you and how much I love you.

Mommy (and Daddy)

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