Monday, July 8, 2013

A Doozy Day

I suppose for every great day there has to be a funky day. Today was the funky day to balance out this past Saturday. It wasn't horrible, but everything felt off!

I woke up to find Mattie still in bed next to me sick with a stomach bug. I headed out with the kids for a breakfast play date to let him rest in peace. The breakfast play date had to be wiggled around due to a technical difficulty and the rain threatened to pour on me, but gave me a small break to deliver breakfast and kids in one piece. At our breakfast playdate we had a sand and bubble fiasco which isn't a great combination. After that was cleaned up, Keegan attempted to use the potty only to be foiled by the height of the seat. No worries, the towels were still out from the earlier cleanup and it was time to move on to the next thing anyways! 

I braved the drizzle to stop at Target to get two things we were in great need of at the house. We all went potty, Johnny was snoozing, all was good, until Keegan realized that MacKenzie was walking the store while she had to sit in the cart. As she pushed up to plunge head first towards freedom (and doom), I grabbed her (wrestled her) and wiggled her body back into the cart explaining that I needed her to sit in the cart. Feeling that injustices were being weighed to heavily upon her, she began her signature banshee wail. That girl has an amazing talent for reaching these pitches that will tear your heart in two. It isn't that it's super high, she just knows how to manipulate her vocal cords to tweak every sense of your body. I tried to quickly calm her, but she escalated so we left. Yay. We got out in the rain to use the restroom at Target. I figured it was a nap day for Keegan so we headed home. 

Everyone ate lunch, things are going well, and I put the younger two down for nap. Mattie is there napping as well so I decide to turn the day around and get something done. Mac and I went to the pediatrician for free formula samples, back to Target, to HEB, and I have made a big batch of baby food for Johnny. I need to calculate my costs and I will post about that. 

So the day wasn't horrible. But it was a bit out of sorts. I am hoping for good health for the rest of us and a good nights sleep as well. 

Tomorrow should be better!

This isn't today, but this IS what Mattie has been doing all day...minus the blondie of course!

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