Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heavy Hearts

My friends and I were very excited to start our service project this spring. I have written before about how Tiny Blessings has been such an encouragement to all of us to use our skills to minister to others needs without taking away from our family. 

This past week we got word that they were in need if more gowns. That has been a lot tougher to find out about than we thought it would be. Our sincerest hope was that every gown would sit, unused on the shelf, collecting dust for all of its days. We knew they would be used at some point, but we didn't know it would hurt so much to get a request for more. They have asked for two specific sizes as well. Before, we just guessed based on Internet research and what we felt compelled to make, now we know what has been used and what hasn't. We have agreed, it is different now. We are still honored to work on this project, but each stitch holds a bit more weight, each items needs a bit more care, and our hearts break holding these gowns knowing that someone will hold their own sweet baby in these items. 

We are still happy to have been called to this ministry, but our hearts are heavy as we prepare for our next drop off. We will continue to pray for the families who will receive our items and for the medical team that will lovingly care for them and their needs. 

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