Saturday, July 6, 2013

Great Summer Day

Today was a great, textbook, perfect Summer day as a family.

It started out with sleeping in, Johnny didn't start squawking until 7:30 and didn't need me to get him until 8 and I woke the girls and Mattie up just before 9. We spent about half an hour snuggling and playing in bed as a family. We will need an upgrade to a king size bed if Mac keeps poking everyone with her boney elbows and knees!

We went and got Shipley's donuts and scarfed them down in the car on the way to one of the elementary school playgrounds. We were hoping to give the girls a good opportunity to practice bike/trike riding on the flattop, but they weren't buying it. They saw the big playground and were lured away quickly. I am impressed by how strong both girls were climbing the kiddie rock wall and other parts of the play structure.

The girls also love to play on the big maps painted on the flattops around here. It is a great way to practice states in a verbal/visual/kinesthetic way. We talk to them about the different states where we know people and run from state to state.


We ran a quick errand to the post office to send off a very special package to a very special brother in law/out law/uncle who is serving far, far away. He is almost done serving this go around and we hope he enjoys his surprise!

After that we went to Newk's for lunch. The kids were really well behaved and we enjoyed each other's company. We order the kid's cheese pizza for them and we were pretty disappointed that Mac dropped one of her pieces on the ground because we always like to sneak a bite or two off any extra pieces! We finished lunch early so we ran into JC Penney's for a quick look around before taking the girls to their first movie in the theater! We went to see Monsters University which is quite appropriate as the first movie Mattie and I saw together in the theater was Monsters, Inc. All three kids were great through the movie, the girls sat and watched quietly while Johnny slept in my nap.

On the way home we made a quick stop at the store so we could enjoy Margaritas and Lime slushies and guacamole and chips by the kiddie pool in the backyard. I used the recipe my mom and dad always used growing up and I had to laugh as I took a sip and thought to myself, "Yep, it seems like my childhood." Dad would always give us a teeny sip of his drink before making us a Sprite and Juice virgin drink. I love eating guacamole at any time and having it outside by a "pool" makes it all the more special!

The kids are winding down for bed now and Mattie and I have an evening to relax. I may try to convince him to run out for some Coldstone ice cream or we may just have to bake something fresh here. After all, the perfect summer day needs a little treat to top it off! I hope all of your days were great too!

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