Sunday, December 22, 2013


Here in Houston we make our own snow. Friends hosted a Christmas party for our small group and since the crafts were taken care of, I brought black bean soup and SNOW!

I saw the idea on pinterest and thought it would be fun and easy. All we did was take 3 boxes of baking soda and half a regular bottle of conditioner. We used white conditioner to keep it white because I read that tinted and colored will change your snow. Like the original blog said, it stays cold, it smells great, and is very similar to the texture of real snow- wet but can be packed and soft. This will definitely be a craft we continue to do, the kids loved playing it it and I can easily see making a huge batch for not much money and them playing with it for hours. 

This was the blog I got the "recipe" from I read another blog that used shaving cream, but that costs more than conditioner so I liked this one better!

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