Friday, December 20, 2013


I'm not the most musically inclined person. I like music, I do. I just like the thoughts in my head a lot better. And I like to sing, but I'm never entirely convinced of how I'm doing which means I rarely (ok, never) do it in public. We only present the best side of ourselves in public! Most of the time I drive in silence. Absolute quiet if possible. My girls have to ask me to turn on the radio and if possible, I turn the speakers on in the back over the front. 

How then, did I end up with such musically inclined children? I swear Mac was tapping her toes to the best of music when she was in the womb. She understands tunes and instrumental portions of music better than any 4 year old should. She has begged for violin lessons for over a year and is now begging for trumpet lessons too. She understands music. 

Keegan loves music and has better rythym and dance moves than Matt and I...ok that's not saying much...combined...ok still not saying get the idea. She loves to sing and does so with her whole heart. And by the second time she hears a song she will be repeating and predicting words and lines from the lyrics. 

Now Johnny is starting to bounce along to music. 

I think their love of music is amazing, I can't relate, but I love that they have something they feel deep inside them. And it always helps that if I need to buy a few minutes of good behavior, I can always count on YouTube for music videos and songs for them to watch. 

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