Friday, December 13, 2013

Drop Off December 2013

Yesterday was Tiny Blessing's December drop off of hats. It was a fantastic one. I know I say it each time, but this one was really fantastic. I love the growing relationship with the nurses at the hospital and how they get uplifted by the items we make. They only needed preemie/NICU items this go around, but I did take a handful of beautiful blankets donated for us. I already knew a few nurses up there when we started this whole project, now the front desk people know me, I get hugs from other nurses, and it really feels good to serve these women that take care of these sweet babies. They got treats yesterday, NICU and L&D got muffins and hot cocoa, I will have to bring extra treats for Postpartum next time.

For this drop off we were able to take (in addition to the treats) 47 hats, 12 gorgeous burp cloths, and 15 equally beautiful blankets.

 I loved making the Rudolph hat in the middle and given unlimited time would have made more...but they take a lot of work! 
 The blankets on top were for the babies who don't make it, on the bottom are Christmas blankies

 Aren't the burp cloths great?

I think this drop off was particularly important for us organizers. Two of our lead people have been unable to help much because of other life situations. Both felt really bad about not being able to contribute as much as they would have liked. My encouragement to them was that God would cover the heads he needed covered. This became evident in reality when some of our other contributors felt compelled and called to make numerous hats and we ended up with a full drop off! It just works out. I tell people frequently, while we have certain numbers of hats that we shoot for or specific measurements, that God really stills my anxiety when I get to certain point in making hats for a drop off. I will worry and worry that we aren't making enough, but at a certain point in the days leading up to taking the hats in, He tells me that my work is done. It's amazing to experience. 

It has also been a wonderful opportunity to meet so many new people. We had a crochet party recently and were able to meet a great group of women from the Sugarland area. These women are now feeling compelled to form their own branch of Tiny Blessings. It is so exciting to see this fleeting idea form into something larger than I could imagine. Our head contact from the hospital yesterday told me she was so thankful for our commitment, much less our ability to grow and inspire others. 

We here at Tiny Blessings want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We are so glad for our ministry and while we may spend a week or two making items for our own loved ones, we will be happy to get back to work soon, making gowns and teeny Valentines hats for the new loves God brings our way. 

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