Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I have this "thing" inherited from the Clark Griswald portion of my father that likes things to be "just so" for holidays and special events. Most of the time these things don't fall into place and I deal. Sometimes things do fall into place and I feel all Norman Rockwell for a bit. I like to have a clean house and fresh sheets to come home to after a trip, I like everything to be done before guests arrive for a meal, I have added in special soap (as special as bath and bodyworks gets) in the guest bathroom, I like presents wrapped under the tree for at least a week, better if two, before Christmas, and I really like my car to be clean for Christmas and visiting Matt's parents. 

It was hard enough for me to keep up with cleaning the car when we had no kids and I was in the jetta. Now we have three kids and I am in the awesomely huge suburban and there is very little chance that I would wash it to Matt's standards. So we go to quick quack car wash where you can run your car as many times through, they will rewash your car if it rains in a certain time period, and they have fantastic vaccuums that actually work. 

Matt and I were running errands with the kids on Monday and needed to wash the red dust that came through with some weather system so we headed over to the wash. We ran through twice and vaccuumed a good chunk of the car out. My favorite part was seeing the girls enthusiastically help wash the car. Now if they would only feel that way about helping out with laundry...

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