Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas program

I simply love the girl's school. I have talked about it before in that it's small, has a physical education component, and really works to meet each kid's needs. Wonderful! I also love their love and flair for holiday parties. 

Today, the girls had their Christmas party at school. While relaxed, it was evident the care that was taken to make the time special for the kids and their parents. The girls were pretty stoked about wearing their pajamas to school, watching a movie, and having special treats. They also love showing me around their school and all the different ways they play. It's so interesting to me to have people that I don't know (extra teachers and volunteers at the school) who know my kids. I am so grateful to have found a good fit for us. 

For the program the kids sang two songs, had craft time, a few games, a book exchange, and snacks. 

Mac actually sang the songs! Keegan just sort of sat there and waved at Johnny and I. 

The girls loved gluing buttons onto their felt Christmas tree. 

I think the kids are sad that they won't get to see their teachers for two weeks, but hopefully we will have enough great time to make up for it!

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