Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mac at 4 and 2 Months

Pictures to be added later


You change so much every day. We lose more and more of the toddler you with each passing moment and blink to find the kid you and sometimes glimpses of an even older you before our very eyes. Even your look has changed so much with your face becoming more of a girl face and less of that baby face we know so well. 

We can see you working at finding your place in this world, in our community, and in our family. You test out faces, expressions, jokes, comments, and mannerisms to see how people react. I love the sideways scrunched up face you give me when you aren't sure what else to do. I also love your gangly arm waving, granny high kicking, monster growling dance you will do when you are being extra silly. You practice a silly laugh from time to time to be part of jokes you don't necessarily understand and will often repeat silly things that have made others laugh to hopefully get the same reaction. 

You are all girl in most of your interests, but really enjoy tromping through the woods and the idea of "huntin'" with your dad. In fact, he took you out to the deer stand this past weekend to get you used to being out there, obeying, and being quiet. He was willing to shoot a hog, but all the animals were too full of Christmas dinner to amble by the feeder. You love princesses, barbies, and dress up, especially Cinderella and the new movie, Frozen. Daddy bought the soundtrack so you and Keegan could listed to the songs because you were asking to watch the YouTube videos repeatedly. One of my favorite things is to listen to you and your sister role play and act out different movie and tv show scenes together. Your imagination is great and your memory is nearly perfect. 

That memory will serve you well in your endeavor to become a doctor who goes out in space. You have agreed to take Johnny and I with you into space which was a very kind offer. When I ask if you are willing to work very hard for your goals you just look at me and say "Mama..." and I may even see an eye roll. We are able to bribe you from time to time in eating extra healthy food on your plate because that is what astronaut doctors would do, but lately you have actually been a voracious eater. I think you are growing and I know you were taller at the end of last week than you were at the beginning. 

You love coloring pictures, drawing, and writing notes to people. Sometimes you want them mailed and other times you want to wait to give them in person. You are ready for some sight words and phonics exercises because you are memorizing how to spell a ton of different words right now. I am proud of that and need to work on it more to supplement what you are learning at school. You loved for daddy to read you the grinch story over this Christmas season and love your big princess storybook as well. 

Mac, I simply enjoy you. I love quiet one on one time, whole family time, and observing you time. I love that you will take your hand and cup my face, that you will repeat rather grownup things like "dada, we have a problem here", and that you get giddy to see people you love. I love that you ask questions about everything and remember important facts that help you associate items or memories with certain people. I love that you seek out special time with us or with your siblings and that that is becoming important to you. I think you are amazing and I tell you often that you will never know how much I love you. 

With all the love I can show,
Mommy and Daddy!

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