Saturday, December 14, 2013

Loving their Daddy

Is there anything more romantic than seeing your husband care for the other loves of your life? I am not sure there is. Mattie does such an amazing job caring for the kids too. He invests so much into working hard for us and in spending time with us, something we have more of now that he is done, done, done with his masters. He would have been scheduled to walk today, but he hates all the pomp and circumstance...both literally and figuratively. He is an official Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance regardless though and it's wonderful. 

I know he will be glad to have the extra time and brain power to devote to our family though. The girls and Johnny are so happy to have more of him poured into their lives and I am sure they, our lives, and our relationship will be all the better for it. 

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