Monday, December 9, 2013


My sweet boy is sick and I don't know how to help him. It's awful when you are sick, but even more so, as a baby, when you can't communicate what hurts, how you feel, or what may make things better. We have all been fighting cough/cold/allergies for a month now, Johnny included. I wasn't expecting to have to leave Sunday school early this past weekend to retrieve a very feverish Johnny who lunged for me as soon as he saw me. His fever was high so we started a Tylenol, fluids, and snuggle regiment. His fever was significantly reduced last night and my little man was laughing and playing as I watched him to see how he felt. Today I had difficulty getting his temperature anywhere near 98.6, it was always significantly lower. After nap, his fever was back and higher than any mommy would like. I hate sitting there, trying to get a good read, willing and praying that the thermometer beeps without going another fraction of a degree hotter. He is responding ok to Tylenol, but I want him to feel better! I am ready for my smiling boy to be back to his normal self!

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