Monday, December 30, 2013

Keegan Shy of 3

Pics to follow


In less than two months, you will be three. I cannot believe my littlest girl is growing up so quickly that you are almost that old. 

You are the funniest and wildest little girl I have ever met. You have taken to repeating everything we say which is very helpful when teaching you manners and charming strangers and not as helpful when we are disciplining your sister or talking as parents. It was helpful as we were contemplating you being a "poster child" to recruit workers for the nursery and preschool program at church. Mr. Jim was going to take you and your classmates on stage and have you make sad faces while asking for volunteers to help fill those positions. You would have done great and have the perfect sad face! You love mr. Jim and Sunday school class, especially story time and play dough, but I think your favorite part is helping me set up the classrooms. I love walking into church with you each Sunday. 

You've said and gotten into some pretty funny things over the past few months. You love to scrunch up your face into this most impish look imaginable when laughing or teasing while we talk. We love to make you laugh by making silly faces or tickling you. You love playing with your belly and belly button and will pat it frequently! You are still sucking your fingers and if reminded about it taking all of your nail polish off, you will tell us you didn't like the nail polish anyways. 

We are close to giving up on the clothing fight with you and will probably purchase a handful of pink skirts and dresses for you to wear all spring and summer. You love pink so much that this will make you very happy and my mornings very easy. Of course we predict that it still may be problematic as you will have favorites within those pink items that we will have to battle it out over. I must also remember to take back your new Sophia jammies to get a nightgown instead. Your will is strong and I just don't think it matters to fight about the color of clothes or the style of clothing with you. I am so happy you have a style you are comfortable with and that we can provide you with that. It's minimal compared to potential battles with teenage girls later on. 

You are very into food right now, but mainly because it translates to one piece of Halloween candy if you eat well. You love to eat "tooty beans" and will sing the song along with it. Your favorite candy is starburst and you love oranges and yogurt, pink of course. You would rather have milk than most drinks and like when daddy puts a touch of flavored creamer or when mommy puts her kisses in your cup. You would eat peanut butter and jelly for every meal if we let you, but pancakes are high on the list too. 

You have grown so much over the past few months that it's hard to remember all of the wonderful things you do. We try to soak up each moment that we can and praise God for giving you to us. You are a gift sweet girl.

With a lot a lot a lot of love,
Mommy and daddy 

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