Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reindeer Games

I have posted my views on Elf on a Shelf. We don't play in our house, mainly because I think those particular renditions of elves are creepy. Give me one that looks like Orlando Bloom's Legolas or is as funny as Will Farrel's Buddy and we may talk. 

I do think magic and fun can be a wonderful part of the Christmas season however, so we started "Reindeer Games". We have two plush reindeer that have been getting into mischief and fun at our house. They don't report on anything and the girls are welcome to cuddle with them (that's been fun to retrieve them at night). Here are some of the things they've done-

Brought the girls presents 

Crocheted for Tiny Blessings-

Gotten into the girl's candy-

Were ready to run errands-

We have pics of all we have done so far which I will share later in the season. It's been fun to do, but I'm not sure if I will do it next year. 

I don't think the girls are into it. Maybe you have to drum it up? Maybe they just aren't into that sort of thing? Maybe they like it but just don't show it? Mac will always smile and say "Those crazy reindeer" then take them away from whatever they are doing. Keegan will squeal and then find something else to do. They don't really talk about it all that much. We will see how the rest of our time with the reindeer goes and if they mention it at all as the year comes. It's a lot of pressure to find new things to do each day. I can see why simply hiding a little elf is easier....until you remember that creepy elf smile!

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