Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Old Friends

When one of my friends from college moved away, I wrote a card for her that said all the normal goodbye stuff, but also said that we should always be ok with picking up the phone or opening up an email to give each other a hello, no matter how long it has been. I wanted there to be no awkwardness in our long distance friendship even if "life happened" and it had been a long time since we had seen one another, spoked to one another, or even acknowledged the other one's presence. We made a standing agreement that when we thought about each other, if life allowed it, we would talk. I am so overdue for giving her a call or sending her an email. As she lived in Philly, England, Canada, and now Florida we have been able to see each other in two of those places and in visits to her family in Dallas. She just welcomed a new little boy and I have been thinking about her often. This standing agreement for any contact and no awkwardness has been so beneficial in our friendship.

I am so grateful for adult friendships like mine with her and with other women. Pure friendships that can just pick up where they left off. It's wonderful when you don't see someone for quite some time and then when you do, conversation is easy, smiles are abundant, and you can just be comfortable in one another's presence again. Crystal has been here with her family, visiting from SLC. We keep up fairly consistently (text messaging helps with that, at all hours of the night) and being able to visit with her in person has been fantastic. The kids have gotten along well and it doesn't seem like, normally, there are several states, many miles, and quite a bit of elevation between us! I will miss her again when she leaves, but I am so glad that I live in the same city where her family does so that we see each other face to face more frequently than we would otherwise.

I also have a little "approval" if you will to go see Crystal, on my own (!), sometime this spring. Very much looking forward to that. Too bad Florida isn't on the way!

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