Sunday, December 8, 2013


Our HOA is interesting. They don't do anything about people who have trash in their yards, but send letters if your trash can is visible from the curb. They don't do anything about fences being made from the wrong material, but get mad about colors changing on a house. They don't comment on trailers being perpetually parked in front of people's houses, but threaten action if branches are overhanging less than 6' over the sidewalk. 

Whatever right? You have to deal with them. 

Then we got this letter from them

The bolded portion of the letter tells us that we need to submit an approval form for the changes being made to our house. As I read it I was furious because I thought they meant the only changes we had made in the past year, trimming the trees, which they have reminded us to do several times! But no. This was the building plans for the shed in our backyard. My first thought was, "We aren't building a shed." Then I realized they meant the shed that was already back there. The shed that has been there. The one that has been in place since before we moved in. Before we moved here in 2007 that is! 

It was fun making that call, knowing I was in the right and that there would be no plans for them. 

They were nice about it. It was still a waste of their time and mine. Just for that, I may have to paint the exterior or build something soon. 

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