Friday, December 6, 2013


Today I am proud. When I say proud, I mean the heart swelling, crying, slow clap, need lots of hugs, and maybe an oscar award winning movie based on my life kind of proud. At it's probably a foolish kind of pride because it's so normal and unworthy of an oscar or a cheer or any other sorts of accolades. 

After careful discussion about and observation of Johnny, I got this email today 

That's right ladies and gentlemen, move on over because Johnny is moving up to the Crocodile Room in nursery!

It is so not a big deal. 

Except it is!

All of our nursery classes are moved along based on milestones, the first milestone is being able to crawl. I wrote this summer about some of Johnny's buddies moving up without him. While Johnny isn't technically crawling still, he is moving with a purpose, quickly, and he is starting to pull up. He needs the extra encouragement of new toys and older buddies to play with. 

I am so proud that he is ready to move up. It has been a lot of work to get him to this point. It has also meant readjusting a lot of goals and celebrating things that I never found worthy of celebration before. It's a huge adjustment for me. Matt and I both are so used to being above average. Almost everything comes easily to us. We are great at a lot of we do. And now we reframe our focus to thinking that average sounds pretty extraordinary because anything that Johnny does, that seems pretty average, is actually fantastically amazing and has been (and will be) the product of a lot of work and effort. 

To others, Johnny being moved up may not seem like a huge deal, but for us, him being with peers his age, is wonderful. For us, being only a couple months behind is a dream. Our reality is simply being reframed to find extraordinary in the average. 

I'm not sure if it will always be like this, if we will be able to really focus on those seemingly normal aspects of life and celebrating them. For now, though, I am grateful for milestones at all, delayed or not, simply because he is in our lives. 

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