Wednesday, December 4, 2013

School Thanksgiving 2013

The girls love their school and I agree with them, it is a great school. They pack so much into their 5 hours there, the girls come home exhausted on the two days they are there. They also do a lot of theme and holiday activities and really build it up into something special for the kids. 

A couple weeks ago we had their thanksgiving feast at school. Johnny and I went up there and had lunch with the girls while seeing their thanksgiving crafts. The girls loved showing off their hard work and then ran around the gym, happy for the extra play time with their friends. They both loved having marshmallow, cereal, m&m trail mix inside a waffle come to look like a cornucopia. In fact, Keegan was avoiding the m&ms until I told her it was candy. She popped one in her mouth and you could see the delight and realization come over her. She even did a happy dance!

These celebrations were some of my favorite times as a kid and I love being there with my kids now. We are lucky indeed!

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