Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tiny Blessings Update

Tiny Blessings is doing more than we can keep up with and we are extremely grateful for that. 

This fall, myself and the other two "heads" of the Cypress branch of Tiny Blessings agreed that we would slow our ministry down a bit until after the new year. We had just dropped off a huge donation for our hospital and wanted time to regroup, make items for our family, and attend to other needs. We were all glad for a chance to breathe and looked forward to gaining momentum in the new year. 

God, apparently, had different plans. Almost immediately, we were contacted by a friend to make hats for the Ronald McDonald House that serves the pediatric wing of MD Anderson clinic. We all agreed that making hats for some of the children there was something we would like to do. Then, after a friend was diagnosed with Leukemia, we agreed to make special hats for all the men who shaved their heads as part of a fundraiser for his family. The hats included words stitched into the band of the hat, making a very cool, but time consuming project. It was great making the hats for people we actually knew and being able to pray for them specifically. 

Further, we all have small items that have been requested from time to time, anything from hats for nurses who are expecting to small memory items for friends who have lost their pregnancies to hats for others in our community. 

Lastly, and it's something I need to press forward on a bit more, is to answer a call from a friend who works at a hospital in town and is desperate for the smallest of our gowns. We are working to create a batch of items for her. 

It is fascinating to see God calling us to our work, even when we are hesitant to push forward. It's also comforting to clearly be a part of such a God-led ministry. He is speaking to us to cover these needs and we are working to answer Him. 

In addition to serving Methodist Willowbrook for the coming year, we are praying that we can provide hats for Nativiti Birthing Center, to provide the gowns needed for my friend at Memorial Herman, to take on an additional Cypress area hospital, and to make hats again for the Ronald McDonald House. It's a large undertaking, but we believe that, if God is calling us to provide, He will also provide resources to serve. We are grateful for His provision in our ministry so far. Donations are coming to us from amazing and seemingly "random" places and we had added more people who help us throughout the year. 

And, we know that our work will never be complete and that there will always be heads to cover. We just work to do our best each day until we are all ministered to directly by the only one who can meet all our needs. 

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. -Philippians 1:6

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