Friday, January 9, 2015

All Clear

Yesterday we followed up with Johnny's endocrinologist to check on his thyroid issues we have been monitoring. Many people with Down syndrome have thyroid issues, more commonly hypothyroid issues, but hyper is found as well. Our first endo felt like Johnny may have had a condition called Hashimoto's where the thyroid doesn't function correctly in its communication, causing hypothyroidism. Our second endo wasn't convinced. 

She ran her own bloodwork in October (took four of us to hold him down) and found all levels to be...normal. She thinks the bloodwork was a fluke in that TCH measures things slightly differently. Additionally she checked two additional hormones which he was negative for, indicating that there was no reason to diagnose him or monitor him extraordinarily anymore. 

Thus, we have been cleared as much as we can be for this doctor. We still have to monitor him, but she is sending explicit instructions to our pediatrician on extra testing for his annual work and what to look for and sees no reason to schedule more visits with her unless something else pops up. 

We've been cleared! Most people won't understand what that means to a parent of a kid with special needs. Our story, from the beginning, has been a story or "wait and see" and "let's talk to this specialist". Even cardiology, which we've been mostly clear from, needs a couple of follow ups. The weight of not having to remember those appointments, worry about what she will say, or wonder if we have more bloodwork or will start medicine, has been lifted. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. That stress can go away and I can devote that time to something else! It's a good place to be!
He looked like a big boy today before speech therapy. 

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