Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Daddy Win

Matt is a good dad. He is a great dad. Especially to our girls. He patiently brushes their hair. He looks forward to bath and bedtime with them. He plays princess songs for them in the car. He knows the difference between a Pegasus and a unicorn and can name almost all of the My Little Ponies. He sings songs with them. He helps them build things from Legos and on their iPad apps. He puts up with the glitter, EVERYEWHERE! He is dedicated to our sweet girls. 

Today the girls brought down a "Brave" bow and arrow toy. They precariously knotched the arrows, pulled them back, aimed, and fired into the air, willing their toy towards some imaginary foe. When asked what they were trying to down, they proudly exclaimed, "A deer! A deer!" When Matt asked why they wanted to shoot the deer they exclaimed, "To get the meat! The meat!" Mac then took her aim, "shot the deer", strung up the imaginary deer, pretended to skin it with her arrow, and pulled out chunks of meat with her bare hands. 

I am so grateful my husband caught all of this on camera. 

I think he is too. 

I may have seen a little tear in his eye. I don't know that he has ever been so proud of his little girls. They may love pink and princesses and glitter, but to him, they've got it where it counts!

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