Friday, January 23, 2015


Matt had a meeting for lunch at a Greek restaurant we both like so he bought extra food to go, rented a couple of movies, and we had a nice dinner upstairs. We were both disappointed when, after looking at the goodies he brought home, we discovered that there was no flat bread or pita bread. I thought I might make a quick batch of flat bread (pizza crust sans toppings) and see how it goes. We could always run to the store if we needed to. 

The recipe was fairly easy and decently good, even if it does come from the kitchen of my arch nemesis, Bobby Flay. It had no ancho chiles in it though, so it's completely out of character for the leprechaun from the food network. I made the chewy version and it will be a great pizza crust one day, specifically a real rustic pizza with a hodgepodge of foodie toppings and fresh herbs pretentiously sprinkled on top. It wasn't the best flatbread, but it beat getting out in the cold rain! 

I baked it on a pizza stone covered with cornmeal at 500 for about 10-12 minutes. Because it was "naked" I could easily check it for doneness. If it had toppings, I would wait until the cheese was melted and the crust was a light golden brown. It's a nice recipe to have on hand because you can keep the ingredients easily and it only takes an hour to rise. I can see adding these ingredients to our "always have in the pantry and fridge" list so we can make pizza if all other plans fall through.

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