Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Saving Money

We need to be more consistent about it, but we have been working with the girls on earning money for certain chores and saving that money for something they want to do or purchase. In the past, they saved money for dress up dresses, this summer they saved up money to go to Chuck E Cheese. They had been for a birthday party last year and had been begging to go back. The only way I would concede was if they saved money to play games then we would go out to eat elsewhere after. They worked hard to save ten dollars and were excited to go this fall. 

It was fun to watch them choose the games they wanted to play. Growing up I was strategic on picking games that would afford me the most tickets. The girls played for pure enjoyment. They rode rides, played games just for fun, and earned a fair number of tickets too. It was so nice to see them enjoy the money they had saved. After, we went to BJs for some real pizza!

They are saving money again, but I'm not sure if it's for another trip to Chuck E Cheese or if it's for something different this time. Mac is somewhat convinced she can save up for a Blue Macaw, which is actually more attainable than what Keegan wants to get...a unicorn. 

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