Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Day as a Basketball Mom

Today was almost tragic. 

Mac has been looking forward to basketball for weeks. She has been excited to try and play, she helped pick out new tennis shoes to wear (thanks Dee), she laid out her clothes this morning so she knew where they would be, and has been giddy with excitement all week for her first practice. 

I won't lie and pretend that I haven't been excited too. I played for 12 years and loved almost every season. Not every second, there were too many timed sprints for me to love every second, but really enjoyed my time as an athlete. 

Her excitement faded when, not ten minutes into practice, a stray ball hit her in the face. Our poor girl was crushed and it took quite some time to coax her back onto the court. Then she was embarrassed and had to be re-encouraged back onto the court. I was a little frustrated, mainly at her excuses (her hand couldn't possibly hurt that bad from dribbling right?), but finally told her that I just wanted her to do her best. I asked if she could do that for me and she agreed. I don't care if she plays one season or twenty. I don't care if she is the best or the worst. I just care about her trying new things and working hard at them. 

The second half of practice was much better. She enjoyed running with the boys after rebounds, got much better at catching and passing the ball, and had a smile on her face as practice ended. She was delighted to see her jersey, more so because she is #5 which she loves because that's how old she is, and even more after I told her that #5 was my number for my first few seasons too. 

With a promise to practice with her more over the next few days, I think she is looking forward to practice next week. Regardless, I am so proud of her getting back out there today. 

Keegan was ticked that she wasn't playing basketball (because she refused when I went to sign the kids up), but I reminded her that she starts soccer with her bestie in just a few weeks!

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