Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Halter Inc

This October we found a groupon for a place not far from us called Halter Inc. Typically, it is a horse riding facility that offers typical and adaptive classes, but during October, they have a fall festival of sorts. Our groupon allowed the family to come out one day and experience all they had to offer. In short, I think it was one of the best days of Keegan's life. 

The one activity the girls did not enjoy was the walk through the haunted woods as there were kids out there who had the task of frightening any passerby. Despite our attempts to encourage them not to scare our kids and our attempts to reassure the girls that it was just a game, there was some panic from them. Other than that, everything was enjoyable for the kids. They got to feed farm animals in the petting zoo, ride a small train, go on a hay ride, eat hot dogs, play in a pumpkin patch with the largest pumpkin we have ever seen, and ride in a horse and buggy.

The best two activities, however, were the pony rides and the chance to walk the ponies. The girls did this half a dozen times each at least. It rained halfway through the day and we stuck it out considering the hay ride to our car had a line that took longer to disappear than it did for the rain to clear. After that, the kids had no wait for any activities. Mac had a good time riding the ponies and taking the ponies around the obstacle course, she used the same voice she does to call for Dee and Doc's dog, calling, "Here, here!" over and over. 

But Keegan. Wow. She is a natural horsewoman. She climbed into the saddles like she had been doing it her whole life. Several times, the lead person and Matt and I were shocked to find her casually standing in the saddle as we encouraged her to get on. She was so gentle with the ponies she led around and used firm tugs to encourage them though their tasks. And her smile through it all was amazing. 

We went home that day, caked in mud, and tired, but it was a really nice family time. Keegan hasn't stopped talking about horses and ponies since and we are looking forward to encouraging her love as she grows. It'll definitely be a groupon we look out for again. And considering how few people were there when the weather was bad, we would probably look for a gross day to go again!

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