Thursday, January 1, 2015


Two years ago, I made a commitment to write something every day. Our lives were chronicled, stories were told, and it stretched me to express myself. I enjoyed writing that year and while some posts came a day late, I had 365 posts at the end of the year. 

Actually, I think I had 366, not sure how that happened...

A year ago, I failed to continue on with that commitment. I thought the habit was there and writing has, sadly, been lost from my to do list. I miss it and miss what it meant to me. 

I don't have great expectations for this blog, it's merely a place to share moments and snapshots, to act as a placeholder for memories for years to come, and to sometimes to connect with others. I miss having that over the past year as my devotion to this blog became less consistent. 

Today here we begin 2015 and a renewal of my prior commitment. In addition to the ever present get healthy, read more, be more intentional with time, I will write every day. I will record our stories and my thoughts and reflections and catch up on some of the past year as well. I only guarantee a glimpse into our lives, with varying degrees of depth and writing attached. 

It feels good to start back. 

Happy New Year!

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