Monday, January 19, 2015


My girls went for another checkup at the dentist today. I don't have pictures of them sitting in the exam room or having their little teeth looked at because they went back all by themselves. 

All by themselves. At almost four and five, they need me for very little these days. They told me they wanted to be brave and they could go back there alone. The dental hygienist and X-ray tech said they both did great, there were no issues, and to keep brushing. I didn't know this point would come so early, when the independence we have diligently been building in our daily life would show up in such a seemingly grown up way. As their reliance on me wanes (and not saying that they don't need me anymore, thank goodness), it's been fun to watch our relationship grow, to see the personality and enjoyment of each other's company take the place of filling basic needs. 

I am so proud to be their mama. 

And in other grown up news, Keegan wants to buy a new Tundra. She "read" all about it in Road and Track in the waiting room. Her daddy is so proud! 

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