Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Yesterday Mac and Keegan started back to preschool after a full month off. Their program gives a longer Christmas break and I was actually grateful for the extra week off with them last week because it meant extra opportunities for us to go do things around town without the busyness of everyone else being out of school. 

As I drove the girls to school yesterday, Mac asked if I was glad that they were starting back to school. I responded by asking what she meant by that. She replied that I was probably glad she was going back to school because it meant that I could just relax and hang out without distractions. She was smiling so I hope that means she wasn't meaning it in a bad way! I explained to her that I had work yesterday at church and wouldn't be relaxing or hanging out. She thought briefly then responded, "Well, maybe Wednesday then!"

Where does she come up with these things?!? The truth is, I love that they go to school. I love that they interact with other people, get taught by other people, play with other kids, and learn all about the world while they are away from me. However, I am also very glad when they are home. I love having both parts in our lives!

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