Monday, January 12, 2015

On hand

I try to make extra of meals that will freeze well to put in the deep freeze for days that we need something quick. Unfortunately, sometimes these meals get buried under everything else in there and lost in the depths of venison, on sale frozen pizza, and seasonal blue bell ice cream. Tonight I dug for some of these meals, trying to purge and organize what we had on hand so I can better plan and prepare for each week. We are about to have sports two nights a week to add to our busy schedule and I need to be on top of things when I can. 

To our despair, plastic wrap and foil could not protect the items I pulled out and heated up for tonight and the freezer left it's distinguishing taste profile far too deep on the pasta shells we were hoping to consume. Thankfully, we can afford much more food than we need and had extra pasta and sauce in the pantry, ready to be heated up for our consumption. I try to keep quesadilla and pasta supplies on hand at all times in case a meal doesn't work out for whatever reason. 

It made me feel a little spoiled though, that we could just throw away the meal because it didn't taste good. I understand that many don't have that option. I want to be a better steward of the food we purchase and make from here on out and plan to package items better when freezing them and purging items more consistently. It's nice for my budget this week too, as I empty out some of our freezer in hopes of doing just that. 

What are your tips for deep freeze organization and what meals do you have that freeze well in sealable containers?

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