Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Perfect Fit

In addition to my work with VBS every year and coordinating the 9:30 hour of nursery at church, I have been working on a ministry team at church that has a two fold mission. The first is to hold a seminar on a regular basis to help participants discover what their "SHAPE" is. Shape stands for spiritual gift, heart, abilities, passion, and experiences. The second is to hopefully place participants in a ministry at church. 

The work I have done with this team has been fascinating, largely because I have been so blessed to be placed in ministries that I find nourishing as I serve. That's our sincere hope for SHAPE and what our desired outcome is. That members and regular attendees of our church are placed in a ministry that really speaks to them. 

I have been thinking a lot about serving the church, why people do it and why they don't. It's challenging because I see so many people shy away from service. It's not in my nature to do so, thus it's difficult to understand why others are seemingly at ease with turning calls for help down. 

In reflecting on the work I do at church in addition to how busy Tiny Blessings has been, I wonder why I am so busy serving right now. I began to think about Jesus just before The Sermon in the Mount. He headed up the mountain for retreat and rest, but was unable to have the respite he desired. The crowds followed him and clamored for his service to them. And he produced. 

I can't compel others to serve even when offers have been made. But I can work to try and model my devotion to service after the best example there is. Of course, knowing that I will follow short is a little sad, but that's why Jesus is there to bridge the gap, right?

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