Saturday, November 30, 2013


How do you tell the difference between a minor cold and perpetual seasonal allergies? Is it because we all have it around the same time? Is it because the kids are all linked genetically to two people with fairly rampant seasonal allergies? Is it worthy of going in for (never)? Is it stay at home worthy? Plug through things and hope nobody notices you opening your mouth a thousand times an. Hour to try and relieve the pressure on your ears? Whatever it is, it's diet coke worthy, the coca cola counterpart to my usual diet dp offers a nice bite and extra effervescence to cut through the drips and scratches in my nose and throat. Some nice rest and a bit of downtime this evening was also appreciated. Of course my blood pressure was a bit elevated by the aggie game...I love my boys even when they lose...but a comfortable evening in should deliver just the ticket to having a great Sunday.

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