Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Movie Loyalty

Two places now have my unfailing love and loyalty for the rare movie that we go see in theaters. For most movies, we wait until them come out, we cannot afford to see all the movies we want since it requires ticket money and baby sitter money. So we just remind ourselves of all the wonderful movies there are for us to watch or rewatch while waiting for new hits to come to DVD. And we remind ourselves that the cost of two tickets (not counting baby sitter) is about the same as a pizza or Chinese take out with a red box rental! There are certain movies that are sitter worthy. Those are usually the ones that I lean over and tell Matt, "I will be going to see this, you can either hire a sitter or stay at home with the kids, but I will be there and I will be there opening weekend." Sappy romances and comedies almost never make the list. Beloved books turned into movies almost always do. Such was the case in Ender's Game a few weeks ago and Cathching Fire this weekend. For both, it was hard to choose which theater to go to. We live pretty close to 6 very different theaters. Two have made our cut for top billing. Their placement there is based solely on one thing, seat reservation. Because we can now choose ahead of time where we want to sit if we pick our ticket in advance, we will continue to go there. One, I hate having to settle for a sub par seat when we only go to the movies together 4ish times a year. Two, if we have seats reserved, we can walk right into the theater at the last minute and either enjoy more dinner out on a date night, go run an errand, or simply have the sitter for less time. Either way, it works out perfectly for parents and I imagine for anyone with a busy schedule or picky preferences on movie theater seating. The two theaters, in case anyone in our area is curious, is The Studio Movie Grill on Highway 6 and the Silverado on 249. I prefer Alamo Drafthouse for a multitude of reasons, but reservations are better!

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