Monday, November 11, 2013


Today we had an evaluation for Johnny to receive services from ECI for Speech Therapy. I was hoping for services once a month and we have been approved for twice a month! I am very happy that he will be able to work with a professional who will teach us both ways to help him in all things related to speech, feeding, and other oral developments. She assessed his abilities by watching him, playing a few games with him, asking me questions, and observing him feed. We have a handful of goals, that in size months he will be feeding himself table foods for one meal per day, that he is drinking from a straw cup or regular cup, and that he is making additional vowel and consonant sounds on top of what he is doing now. She thinks he is right at the 9-12 month range with his verbal abilities and I am good with that. I am excited to begin working with her in December and to see Johnny moving along!

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