Thursday, November 7, 2013


With the change in weather and Halloween long since past (a week is long since past right), it feels like the holidays are beginning to have their usual looming presence over our to do lists. I am just trying to work on organizing normal life as a wife of a graduate student/businessman, SAHM of three kids, part time contract worker for four different places, communications leader of a non profit, friend, family member, church goer and then we are going to throw holidays into the mix? Granted, Target, WalMart, and the Malls have all had their displays up for weeks, warning us of the festivities approaching, but it still feels like it is sneaking up on us. What is helping is the girls growing excitement for the holidays. I remember being a kid and barely being able to contain my excitement and anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The girls are noticing all the extra Christmas decorations at stores and can tell the vibe is changing. What isn't helping is a trip Matt has to take that will shuffle a lot of our holiday "getting ready" around to accommodate a traveling spouse. Because it is only November 7, I have plenty of time to figure it all out...right?!? Please say right! Because I think we have time then I will remind myself to take a deep breath, go ahead and purchase a gift or two, consider putting out decorations early, and just enjoy the season. After all, there is only one second, third, and fifth Christmas of a kid's life and we need to spend a lot of time enjoying it. And the 50 degree weather!

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