Monday, November 18, 2013

Keegan's Date

Back in February, we took MacKenzie on her own date with Mattie and I. We have been meaning to take Keegan on a date of her own, but timing wasn't working out. We finally got the chance today to take our girl on her own date night with Mommy and Daddy. She loved it.

When I asked her what she wanted to do, she told me she "wanted to wun ewands"...we figured that going to a store or two, the mall, and to get dinner would cover that. She loved holding both our hands and swinging through the mall. We decided to kick it up another notch by letting her decide if she wanted a treat from the Disney Store or if she wanted to build her own bear at Build A Bear. She gleefully picked her own bear, exclaiming that it was so nice and soft. She loved the process of stuffing it, kissing the little heart, and picking the outfit for the bear to come home in.

We stopped in a few more stores including a quick run into the Disney Store so I could check on a few things. One of the workers gave Keegan a color page and told her "Happy Thanksgiving", Keegan replied with a big ole hug and a "Gig'em Aggies." We are so proud. We then made our way over to BJ's for dinner. She loved sitting between us in the booth, talking about what food we were going to order, and dipping her mac and cheese into her ice cream...blgh! As we walked through the parking lot, I told her to be careful and not to drop her new bear "Lily". She looked indignantly at me and said, "I didn't!". At that moment, she stumbled and dropped her bear on the ground. As she crouched to pick her up she looked up at me and exclaimed, "I did!" It was pretty cute and very ironic. 

Our last little errand was to run into Kohl's to look for something for Daddy. She loved those last little moments with us, but was very happy to go get Johnny and MacKenzie from my mom. She loves her siblings so much and I think she was a little confused as to why they weren't with us. Everyone had a good time in their respective treats though and I am glad for it! We hope to be a bit more consistent with one on one time with the kids through the coming years. It is good for everyone to have that extra time and attention!

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