Friday, November 8, 2013


Can we just have a quick round of applause for this beautiful weather?

The girls woke Matt and I up this morning and we had some quick snuggles in bed. We heated up homemade venison kolaches and Mattie made me coffee with pumpkin pie creamer while I snuggled Johnny for his morning bottle. To top it off, the girls were perfectly sweet and ridiculously cute this morning. Everything they said just got cuter and cuter. Today we got to play with Keegan's bestie, Lylah, and the three girls played outside from 9 until 12:30 when I was able to convince them to eat some lunch. They were dirty and covered in chalk dust, but with the exception of Lylah insisting that she was Lylah and not a pirate, the girls has a fantastic time. I got a few things done, worked and read with Johnny, and even finished up a crochet hat for Tiny blessings while Johnny played in the grass. The outside time must have worn the girls out though, they were falling asleep in the car while we ran errands, were increasingly whiney (and not as charmingly cute) as the evening went on. We wanted to go to an outdoor movie at a local church, but the kids rest was more important. It was a simple, but lovely day. I am grateful for being able to have many of them.

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