Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Extra School

After much deliberation, number crunching, and planning, the girls started a second day of school today. We had originally intended for two days a week, but when we had to switch to the new school, there was no room in our budget for the second day. Now that I am working more, we are able to take care of that extra expense. I am so grateful for their school. The school is small enough that numerous teachers know the kids, not just their own teacher, and the kids get a lot of physical activity. They also send me a daily report to my email that includes all the things they did that day, any issues, and pictures of them participating in their school work. MacKenzie was very happy to go for her extra day of school, Keegan was happy to do anything that Mac and I were excited about, and I was grateful for the chance to spend extra time with Johnny and get a few more things done easier than I would have with the two older tag-a-longs.

That being said, we have a very tired house tonight. The girls were on the verge of full meltdowns from exerting themselves so much at school and ended up asleep in bed at 6:30. Johnny is cutting top teeth so he was in bed by 5. I am not sure how those early bed times are going to look in the morning, but Mattie is grateful that it gave me the opportunity to fold six loads of laundry!

I am excited to see where their schooling takes them over the next few months and I am enjoying supplementing and teaching them all sorts of new things here as well!

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